Rehoboth Road by Anita Ballard-Jones

Rehoboth Road
When Rev. Oliver becomes assistant pastor in the small Georgia community of Rehoboth in the early 1950s, everyone agrees it’s a stroke of good fortune. He’s young, he has a beautiful and vivacious wife, and he seems just one to bring new life to both the church and the community. Unfortunately, Rev. Oliver has a little problem: he just can’t seem to get the senior pastor’s daughter, Elizabeth, out of his mind.

The beautiful teenager haunts his every thought until, overcome with lust, he catches her alone and rapes her. Elizabeth is consumed by shame and hides her pregnancy until, finally, she gives birth to a son in a bathroom at her high school. When Elizabeth’s father refuses to believe her story of rape, she becomes determined to hide the father’s identity and raise the child alone.

Rehoboth Road follows Elizabeth, her family, and the Rev. Oliver through the decades that follow as they try to deal with the secrets surrounding the birth. As Elizabeth’s family unravels and Rev. Oliver tries to deal with his guilt, the burden of concealment becomes too much to bear until their secret explodes, marking them forever.

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Top Customer Reviews

By The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers  
Children are a precious gift from God and they should be nurtured and protected. Imagine how you’d feel if you failed to protect your gift from heaven. In REHOBOTH ROAD, we meet the Turners, the Olivers and MaDear. These unforgettable characters tell a story of lost innocence, familial love, Christianity and that old time caring of a community. This story begins in the 1950’s on Rehoboth Road in a rural community just outside Macon, Georgia. And for the next thirty-six years or so, we follow the growth of two families as they deal individually with a secret that works like a cancer as it touches each one of them.

Anita Ballard-Jones uses her excellent storytelling abilities to capture the disposition of the African American culture in rural communities during the 50’s and 60’s. She told a very inspirational and heartrending story. I could not put this one down, as I soaked up the essence of the characters and lived through the pain inflicted because of one man’s sin. There were times I cried because of that pain and other times I rejoiced because of the healing that occurred. REHOBOTH ROAD is a stimulating read and I highly recommend it.
–Reviewed by Brenda M. Lisbon of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

By SilverFox on
In this written testimony about the power of God is a wonderfully told debut novel. From the very beginning, you get to know the characters and whether you want to, or not, it won’t take long before you choose sides After the most brutal of attacks an innocent fifteen year old proves to have greater strength and faith , than those the communities around Rehobath Road hold in reverence. I must have though of a hundred Bible quotes and sayings. As you sow, so shall you reap probably is the most fitting. People make choices, in this world, and it often seems that those who do the worst of deeds go unpunished. You will not be able to put the book down until it comes to its explosive conclusion and I strongly recommend Rehobath Road to anyone who likes powerful stories, especially if you feel that life has not been fair to you. I look forward to reading any future books written by Anita Ballard – Jones. .

By Scwisdom on on
Reading this book gave me a colorful view of life and the social norms in the 1950s (and beyond). As one used to reading contemporary romance novels, this book was an excellent diversion.

Ballard-Jones has done a wonderful job of encapsulating the chain of events on Rehoboth Road over a period of years. While it was easy reading, it had a powerful and poignant message.

I whole-heartedly encourage all readers, regardless of your preferred genre, to read this thought-provoking book and experience it. The vivid portrayal of what fear, denial and lies can do to you, will definitely bring you to your knees! Buy the Book!!!

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