Jacob's Eyes
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Jacob’s Eyes Coming January 4, 2016.  New Book.  New Story!

First, I need to thank my Lord and Savior for the inspiration and perseverance he gave me to become a writer and second, I would like to thank to my fans. I became a writer, but it was my fans that authenticated me as an author. I will do my best to continue to bring you quality work.

Rehoboth Road was released on July 7, 2006, and during the same month it was the featured book for the Black Expressions Book Club. Today, it remains one of Black Expressions’ member favorites and a top Amazon seller. Within weeks of the release, I began receiving e-mails from my new fans from every corner of the United States and the United Kingdom, and it continues to this day. Everyone sang their praises for Rehoboth Road, and almost everyone asked for a sequel. The Dancing Willow Tree was written for the love of my fans.

To my fans, to everyone who took the time to write me with your valuable opinions; to everyone who wrote your reviews at Black Expressions, to those of you who didn’t write me at all, but meant to. To all of you who had discussions about Rehoboth Road with your family and friends, or thought about the novel when your had to put the book down, I can’t thank you enough. I thank all the book clubs who invited me to join in their discussion. I thank all of my fans for validating me as an author. And most of all, thank you for waiting for the release of your novel, The Dancing Willow Tree.

Rehoboth Road and The Dancing Willow Tree are two novels that represent the saga of two families. Although everyone who has read Rehoboth Road will enjoy returning to Rehoboth, Georgia and revisiting the personalities in The Dancing Willow Tree. I have to say and I’ve been told, Rehoboth Road and The Dancing Willow Tree are two separate and highly enjoyable novels.

I have written five books in all and I pray that you will visit all the pages of this website to find out more about me and the books!  Thank you for joining me today.